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Welcome to Oz Greyhound Syndicates Tuesday, 09 October 2012 00:00 Welcome to the Oz Greyhound Syndicates website! We hope you enjoy exploring our site and find exacly what exactly what you are looking for. Oz Greyhound Syndicates aims to give people an insiders perspective of Greyhound racing by engaging it's members in the day to day excitement associated with breeding, rearing, breaking-in, racing and finally retiring their greyhound. Read the Full Story
Oz Greyhounds Litter for Syndication Sunday, 06 January 2013 16:32 On the 5th of March Busted Bird gave birth to 8 pups by Superman. All are healthy and doing exceptionally well under the watchful eye of their once track star now turned mother Busted Bird aka Minnie. Read the Full Story
Oz Racers and Replays Friday, 05 July 2013 00:00 Oz Greyhound Syndicates rounded out 2013 with 24 race wins. Oz Greyhounds had 167:24-22-33 collecting $34,460 winning 14.46% and placing in 47.3% of races. The better performers for 2013 included Speedy In Oz (8 wins), Oz Shadow (8 wins), Oogaboo Oz (5 wins) and Goofy Snout (2 wins). Read the Full Story
Sunday, March 18, 2018

Oz Greyhound Syndicates

Oz Greyhound Syndicates (greyhound syndications) aims to provide a syndication group which is unrivalled in its provision of services and value to its members. Oz Greyhound Syndicates is motivated by seeing their dogs live long, healthy lives beyond their racing careers with an emphasis on enjoyment rather than profitability for shareholders. 

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